Who we are

We at X3D Studio are Enablers, a tight-knit team of Product/Industrial Design Engineers, Designers, Artists and Marketing Gurus. We Provide Turnkey solutions and services in the Field of 3D Scanning and 3D Printing.

  • We Are Designers.

    A full fledged design studio dedicated to 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Workflows. Our designers are expert in post processing 3D scans and Modelling for 3D Printing.

  • We Are Engineers.

    We are developing the latest technology in 3D Scanning Space. We have developed our own 3D Scanner, which can do full body scans in Blink of an eye

  • We Love Scanning.

    We have a team of amazing Scanning Experts, who are passionate to turn the Real World into Virtual World with use of 3D Scanning Technology.

  • We are Makers

    We Love Making and pushing the limits of our 3D Printers, Our printers run 24/7 and print amazing designs created by our artists


3D Printing

At our Studio we have access to the latest 3D printers like FDM, SLA and even full color project 660 with wide range of material options to choose from.

3D Scanning

We convert real world objects into virtual 3D models using 3D Scanners and Photogrammetry. These highly detailed models are used for 3D printing replicas, advertisements, movies and games.

3D Marketing

If you are looking for new customer engagement tactics or need to add a creative dimension to a particular marketing campaign, then 3D marketing could be your new best friend.

3D Modelling

We turn your ideas into 3D models and also offer Post Processing Services for 3D Scans.



We 3D Scan and 3D Print life like miniatures of you and your loved ones in various sizes, colours and Materials

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x3d-mobile 3d scanner

X3D Mobile is truly Mobile 3D Scanner and Perfect for turning your normal Photography Business to 3D Photography with a light weight Hardware which is easy to Use. Hardware is capable of both Full Body and Bust 3D Scans


X3D-100 3d Scanner

X3D-100 is the most affordable Instant Full Body 3D Scanner, which captures 3D Scans in blink of an eye. Based on principal of Photogrammetry it produced amazing meshes and textures. Perfect for capturing Adults, Kids and even Pets.


Meet our team

We are proud!

Kanwarnihal Singh Gill


Mitul Devpura


Harraj Brar