Choose Your Mini Me

My Mini Me

This moment belongs only to you.Have you ever imagined a miniature version of yourself? We have made it possible by creating innovative 3D figurines in various sizes through state of the art 3D scanning and 3D printing for you and your loved ones.

Mini Me Pets

We all Love Our Pets and they are Part of Our Family. Immortalize them with a Photo Real Figurine. With our X3D Scanner it Only takes a Second to 3D Scan So We Can Capture an Instance and Immortalize That in 3D

Business Mini Me

Moments of Success captured in 3D. Congratulate your employees and Special Customers for stupendous results, success and for special occasions like business completions, appreciation reward, and birthdays or on some special moments and milestones you have reached together. By Gifting a Mini Me

Graduate Mini Me

Graduations are an important occassion in our Life. They Deserve to be held in time and what better way than a Mini Me of you on your Graduation Day. We Bring Our Mobile Scanners to Graduation Ceremonies.

Wedding Mini Me

Moment worth Preserving for Lifelong Getting married with the love of your life is the most precious moment to cherish for lifelong. The wedding Selfie acts as a symbol of love and preserves a very emotional moment for life. Wonderful memories in 3D are just waiting to be discovered by you.

Digital Mini Me

We can capture anything that fits our scanner, from Real Life To 3D Digital Content. This 3D Content can be used in Games, Ads, Movies. X3D enables you to step into the world of 3D and experience a new kind of virtual avatars


X3D Mini Me are available in Range of sizes Ranging from 1:18 to all the way upto 1:6. The larger the figurine, the more detail can be displayed.

1:18 around 10cm
1:12 around 15cm
1:9 around 20cm
1:6 around 30cm

Our process

How we do it


The scanning-appointment can be made online or via telephone call. Afterwards you visit one of our X3D-stores. You choose your X3D Flagship store and select locally an appropriate figurine size and individual accessories.


In a fraction of a second you will be 3D Scanned by our unique X3D-scanning-system and your digital 3D-Scan will be generated.


Utilizing X3D-Technology, we develop your digital 3D-Data Set of your Mini Me, your personalized, virtual avatar. Our 3D-Experts edit and optimize your 3D-Data until we reach an excellent result.


The latest state-of-the-art colour 3D printing technology is used to create a photo realistic mini-me. The printer prints the three dimensional self portraits layer by layer unveiling the figurine.


Once the production process is completed, it takes only a short time until the Mini Me can be held in the hands. You can now choose whether the Mini Me will be delivered or personally picked up at one of our X3D Stores.


Your Mini Me has arrived. Experiences the astonished faces of friends, colleagues and relatives and share your Mini Me-pictures online and across social networks.


Not at all. We rely 100% on digtial photography technology. All we do is take a lot of photos of you in one split-second. We fire a flash and your pictures are taken.

No. We can even freeze fast motion.

Basically any pose. Limitations are only due to the nature of the small scale. Details like spread fingers or strands of hair, etc. tend to break and are unable to be printed. Currently our scanning volume is set to a virtual bounding box of about 1.20m x 1.20m x 2.30m in height. Do anything that fits into this imaginary box. This is why we have to ask you to not bring your horse at this point of time.

It is a high performance composite powder, which consists of a mixture of plastic, ceramics and gypsum. The sculptures have a very nice clay-like, valuable surface structure.

The process takes about 2 weeks due to high demand and an uncompromised technical process. We are working hard on our in-house developments to make your production incredibly fast soon.